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PC Remote Control is a program that enables anyone to control a computer at a distance, not as a remote desktop but as a media center. Nowadays, some computers have this function included, but those comprise only a small percent of all available machines and are expensive. With this simple remote control utility, you can use your PC as a multimedia center, for playing music, movies, TV, or seeing photographs. It is as simple as using a common DVD player or a Television set. It features keyboard press simulation (single and combined); mouse cursor movement and clicks; volume control; application launches and commands; window appearance control; PC Shutdown and more. The user can define a layout, creating a list of actions that will be executed when the foreground application matches the specified one. What it does is store a sequence during the learning process. When a previously learned sequence is detected, the defined action is executed. Additionally yoy will need an InfraRed PC remote controller, the website lists those that are compatible with PC Remote Control 4.0, and can be fully used along with this software: http://www.pcremotecontrol.com/solutions/solutions.htm.

Systems: Windows

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